Asclera, or sclerotherapy, is a quick and easy treatment that is being used to reduce the appearance of spider veins. Spider veins can be a product of aging, but can also be caused by heredity, hormonal influences and obesity. They are often found in people whose occupations require considerable time standing. As the body’s valves break down and become less effective at managing blood flow.
While “varicose veins” is the term most often used to describe larger, bulging veins which are visible beneath the skin veins, spider veins are smaller but also easily visible beneath the skin. Spider veins can be purple, blue or red in color and are usually found on the legs, face or chest.

How does Asclera Treatment Work?

Asclera works by injecting a liquid or foam solution into the affected spider vein. It causes the inside of the vein’s walls to swell and close in. Once the blood flow to the vein is stopped, the vein dies off and recedes back into the body.

Meanwhile, your blood flow returns to the healthy veins instead. The result is that your spider veins will be less visible in as little as one treatment. However, for best results you should plan on having several treatments done to ensure that each affected vein is properly removed.

How does Asclera Compare to Other Treatments?

Aside from Asclera, the other treatments available for spider veins include laser vein removal and surgical procedures. Obviously, these procedures are both more invasive and more painful than the injectable Asclera. The recovery time is also greater for these other treatment methods. With Asclera you can expect to be back on your feet shortly after your procedure with minimal recovery time at home.

What are Sclerotherapy Costs?

Sclerotherapy costs vary by region and by case. Depending on the number of spider veins being treated and how bad they are, the amount of liquid or foam will change. In addition, treating areas of spider veins around your major varicose veins can cost more.

In general, you will need to speak with Dr. Parvin Mani at San Diego Cosmetic Laser clinic to get a full quote for each treatment and the number of treatments she recommends to make the veins disappear. The good news is that once it’s done, your spider veins should never come back.

Spider veins are one of the most common reasons that women give up wearing dresses and skirts. Asclera is one easy way to eliminate the appearance of spider veins for good.

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