Laser Hair Removal during Pregnancy: Is it safe?

If you’re on the hunt for ways to simplify your morning routine, laser hair removal is a great place to start. But what if you’re currently pregnant? Is laser hair removal safe during pregnancy?

Many women find themselves with this very dilemma and need answers before scheduling their next laser hair treatment.

Here’s what you need to know:

Limited Research

Currently, there is very little information available concerning laser hair treatments and pregnancy. For this reason, doctors recommend holding off on laser treatments during pregnancy until further studies can be conducted.

Despite the fact that your laser hair removal treatments probably won’t be focused on your abdomen, any increase in stress or pain during your pregnancy can have a lasting effect on your child’s development. Thus, subjecting yourself to the discomfort of laser hair removal could cause changes in your body chemistry that affect your child.


Another reason you should probably avoid laser treatments during pregnancy is sensitivity. During pregnancy your body will undergo many rapid changes. Some of those changes affect your skin’s elasticity, pigmentation and ability to heal quickly.

Going through a laser treatment during this time could leave permanent discoloration of the treated area, or could cause your skin to react unpredictably. Even if you have had laser treatments in the past, it is difficult to know how your body’s hormone changes will affect the procedure and results.

Hair Growth

Many women experience increased hair growth during pregnancy. This affects not just the hair on your head, but also that on your legs, arms and other body parts. We understand that this may make you feel self-conscious as you try to keep up with shaving. However, laser treatment is generally not the right answer.

Post-pregnancy your body will return to normal hormone levels and your hair growth will slow back down to a normal pace. In the meantime, you should practice safe hair removal methods such as shaving and waxing to get you through.

For now, we at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic recommend that you avoid laser hair removal until after your pregnancy is concluded and your doctor gives you the OK. It may take several weeks after pregnancy for your hormone levels to begin dropping, and this is often affected by breastfeeding as well.

San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic

If you are unsure if you are ready to schedule a treatment, schedule a consultation with our specialists and discuss your options for hair removal methods during pregnancy. We will let you know if laser treatments are right for you or not. Dr. Parvin Mani will not perform laser treatments on pregnant or nursing women, but we may be able to point you toward a treatment that will work in the interim.

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