IPL vs. Fraxel: Which Treatment is Best for Removing Sunspots?

There are currently two popular treatment options for anyone dealing with intense sunspots. While both treatments have proven successful at treating sunspots, they use slightly different types of technology to accomplish the task. Other accompanying skin conditions you have will help determine which treatment is best for you.

What is IPL?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light treatment, also known as photo rejuvenation. You may be wondering: What is photo rejuvenation? It’s simply a system of using light to stimulate your skin into repairing itself. IPL is often used effectively for treating sunspots because it is non-invasive and can be done in just a few short sessions.

The pulsed light targets the collagen layer just beneath the skin, warming it up and causing the collagen to begin regenerating.  IPL facial offers the benefit of zero down time and complete results can often be achieved in as little as four or five treatment sessions. It can also be used to reduce the appearance of blood vessels beneath the skin.

How Fraxel Works?

Fraxel laser is a laser-based technology that may be used to treat sunspots. It uses an intense laser to wipe out damaged skin cells and begin building new ones. It typically requires a local anesthetic and a few days of recovery time as the laser will cause swelling and redness.

Typically, Fraxel is less effective at treating sunspots themselves, but it is very effective at treating fine lines and pores and it can also be used to treat acne scars. The Fraxel skin treatment is also FDA approved for treating pre-cancerous spots.

Which Treatment is Best for Me?

If you’re trying to decide between IPL and Fraxel Laser treatments in San Diego for treating sunspots, there are several things you need to consider. IPL or photo rejuvenation tends to perform better if sunspots are your only concern. However, you may decide to use both treatments together to treat a wide array of skin conditions, or you may start with one type of treatment and move to the other as your skin improves. If sunspots are your first priority, IPL is the treatment of choice, but there are many ways to combine these treatments effectively.

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