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Gives you an immediately younger appearance

What is Restylane best used for?

The Restylane line offers a range of formulas containing hyaluronic acid particles of varying sizes. Each particle size is appropriate for distinct types of treatments, from subtle contouring to the correcting of deeper lines and facial folds. The advanced technology of Restylane’s formulas provides beautiful and natural-looking results for a variety of cosmetic concerns, including: 
  • Cheek volume
As collagen production declines, the face loses some of its structure, resulting in wrinkles, sagging skin, and an aged appearance. When used in the cheek area, Restylane adds natural-looking volume, restoring the youthful contours and enhancing the face shape.
  • Smile lines
Your smile is one of your most alluring assets. Unfortunately, it’s also responsible for some of the more pronounced lines on your face. The good news is that Restylane treatment is effective for correcting:
  • Nasolabial folds (which run from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth)
  • Marionette lines (which run from the corners of the mouth toward the chin)
And what’s even better is that Restylane can help minimize those lines without interfering with your expressiveness. 
  • Lips
Full, smooth lips signal youth and vitality. But the slowing of collagen production that comes with aging results in lip lines and thinning lips.  Restylane can be used for:
  • Lip augmentation, to provide subtle, natural-looking lip fullness
  • Smoothing wrinkles around the mouth, for more youthful and attractive lip contours
  • Hand volume
No matter what measures you’re taking to stay fit, healthy, and youthful-looking, your hands will give away the secret of your true age. As the natural subcutaneous fat in your hands diminishes, your skin begins to lose volume, sag, and wrinkle. When used in the backs of your hands, Restylane corrects volume loss and minimizes wrinkles, so your hands look as young as you feel. 


How much does Restylane cost in San Diego?

At San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic, RESTYLANE cost $495, with an additional $100 for Restylane under the eyes. The number of vials required will vary. One person may require more than one vial to get the results they’re looking for, while another person can use a single vial to treat more than one area. When you come in for your consultation, we’ll give you a clearer idea of how many vials you’ll need to rejuvenate your appearance and feel great about your results.

Price: $495

Discover the Benefits:

It’s natural. Restylane is made up of hyaluronic acid which is a substance that’s naturally occurring in the skin.

You do not need to be tested for allergies before the procedure since Restylane is naturally hypoallergenic.

Restylane usually lasts up to 6 months

Restylane is that unlike other dermal fillers that can only be used around the nasolabial folds and the mouth

FAQ about Restylane

After the injection into the facial folds, the skin’s volume and fullness will be restored. Restalyne will also increase the volume under the skin, filling in all of the small lines and wrinkles, making you look younger and healthier.
Collagen is an older treatment for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Collagen and Restylane differ as collagen has a very temporary effect. Collagen is injected just below the skin’s surface, to plump the lips or fill in lines and wrinkles. Because it is injected so close to the surface of the skin, it is absorbed into the tissue quickly. Once the collagen is completely absorbed, the wrinkles will come back, and you will soon need another treatment. Restylane is injected deeper into the folds, and can last between six and 12 months.
Because Restylane is hypoallergenic, there is no allergy pre-testing required. Most other dermal filler treatments require a pre-treatment visit, where the doctor would inject the filler into test sites on the arms to determine whether or not you would have an allergic reaction. This visit is not necessary when you use Restylane. However, before treatment, you should avoid using any products that can cause bruising or bleeding at the injection site or thin the blood. These products include: – Aspirin – Anti-inflammatory medications – Vitamin E supplements – Blood thinners
The side effects of Restylane are very rare and minimal. They include:
  • Slight swelling, bruising, or redness
  • Recurrence of recent facial cold sores due to the needle puncture
After a Restylane treatment for the lips, it’s common to experience some swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site, but these side effects usually dissipate after a few days. Generally, swelling lasts three days or less, and bruising can last for 5 days or more, depending on the healing process of the individual.

Restylane Aftercare

The recovery from Restylane side effects will vary from person to person, but you can help minimize these side effects by applying ice packs and avoiding strenuous exercise for a few days after your procedure. Dr. Mani will provide you with a set of pre- and post-procedure instructions that will also help decrease the risk of excessive bruising and swelling. Typically, these instructions will include:

  • Ice packs or cold compresses
  • Avoid certain medications and supplements, including ibuprofen and other non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medications, aspirin, warfarin, and vitamin E supplements
  • Avoid sunbathing, sun exposure, and extreme heat from saunas or tanning beds
  • Ample recovery time before you resume all your activities
    The best way to decrease the risk of side effects and complications is to follow Dr. Mani’s instructions both before and after your procedure.

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