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Immediate & Long-lasting Results

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a cosmetic dermal filler that can provide remarkable, long-lasting results by using the key ingredient calcium hydroxylapatite, the same mineral composition found in teeth and bone. Calcium hydroxylapatite has been used in medical procedures for nearly 20 years and is considered safe. Radiesse works to restore a more youthful appearance, returning the fullness of a youthful face and helps rebuild the supportive structure underneath that fullness.  

What Areas Are Treated With Radiesse?

  •  Marionette Lines. Marionette lines are the lines that run down from the corner of the mouth. Radiesse can treat this wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Smile Lines. Smile lines, also known as nasolabial folds, are the wrinkles that go from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth.
  • Chin Wrinkles. If you have horizontal lines that form on your chin, Radiesse can smooth out that skin and give you a wrinkle-free chin.
  • Corner of the Mouth Wrinkles. Wrinkles on the corner of your mouth are called oral commissure, and Radiesse can help treat these wrinkles. These lines that develop around the mouth can make it look like you are always frowning, so brighten up your look with Radiesse.
  • Pre-Jowl Fold. The pre-jowl fold is the area on the sides of the chin, and over time the skin in this area can sag as you lose volume with age. Radiesse can tighten up the area and reduce the sagging of your skin.


How much does Radiesse cost in San Diego?

The price for RADIESSE is $550 per syringe at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic.

Radiesse Price: $550

Discover the Benefits:

Radiesse Can Fill in Fine Lines, Wrinkles, and Acne Scars

Radiesse Can Recontour Your Cheeks, Jaw Line, and Nose

Long Lasting Results

Radiesse is clinically proven to last a year

Radiesse is Non-Allergenic

15 minutes procedure

FAQ about Radiesse

Radiesse works almost instantly, with patients seeing results immediately upon injection. Once Radiesse is injected, you will see a face with more volume and wrinkles and other signs of age smoothed out and hidden.
Radiesse is a long-lasting treatment, providing treatment for wrinkles and other signs of age for over a year. After just one injection, you will see smoother and more youthful skin for a year, but it is suggested to get repeated treatments for best results.
Generally, the side effects from a Radiesse treatment are mild and similar to those of other cosmetic fillers.Symptoms include redness, mild discomfort, and, depending on individual sensitivity and specific treatment location, some bruising can occur. As with any medical treatment, in rare circumstances, there can be more severe side effects. It is essential to be fully forthcoming about any and all health conditions and medications before treatment to make sure that Radiesse is the best option for you.

Radiesse can add Fullness and Contour

During the aging process, the subcutaneous fat deposits that form the fullness and contours of a youthful face are gradually lost. There are a number of factors that influence the rate at which this process occurs, including genetics, health, diet, and sun exposure.

Radiesse can restore that fullness almost immediately. However, rebuilding the long-term structure that supports that fullness is a more gradual process. In general, results from Radiesse last about 12 to 18 months. Touch-up injections are also needed to help to maintain the improvements the initial treatment provides.

Radiesse Treats Deep Wrinkles

Since Radiesse is a firmer type of filler, it can be very effective on deep wrinkles, thus, eliminating the need for more invasive cosmetic surgeries. The dual action of immediate volume plus the gradual rebuilding of the collagen structure is one of the primary reasons that Radiesse is so successful in treating deeper wrinkles, particularly those around the nose and mouth. The firmer texture of this filler contributes to longer lasting results in these difficult to treat areas.

Skill Matters

The skill of the physician performing the subcutaneous injections has a major impact on the outcome of this procedure. It takes finesse to handle fillers well, producing natural-looking, long-lasting results. Choose an experienced professional with a track record of treatment specific training, successful results and happy clients.  Dr. Mani at San Diego Cosmetic Laser can help you achieve your ideal look with a personalized skincare plan. Call for a consultation today!

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