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Confidence is sexy. But if you’re embarrassed or uncomfortable because of the appearance of elongated, misshapen, or asymmetrical vaginal lips; or if they’re causing problems with your clothing or your sexual experiences, it can put a serious damper on your daily life and your confidence. Although you may feel resigned to the discomfort, you don’t have to be. A labiaplasty procedure can change everything.


How Much Does a Labiaplasty Cost?

According to recent statistics provided by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a labiaplasty is approximately $2,924. As with any cosmetic procedure, the cost of labia surgery varies by cosmetic surgery practice.

At San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we offer special prices on many of our services, including labiaplasty. The cost for a basic labiaplasty starts at $1,950, which is more than $500 in savings.

Labiaplasty Procedure Special Price: $1,950

Labiaplasty Procedure Regular Price: $2,500

Discover the Benefits:

For women with excessively long, asymmetrical, or large misshapen labia, the labiaplasty procedure can have a significant impact on her confidence and quality of life. The benefits include:

Dramatically heightened feelings of attractiveness

Minimized labia exposure in yoga pants, leggings, and swimsuit

Improved comfort when wearing tight pants

Enhance Symmetry

Reduction of excess tissue and darkened pigment at edges of the tissue

Performed in the office with a topical numbing

Quick Recovery With Minimal Downtime

Dr. Parvin Pam Mani


Parvin Mani, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.

What is a labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a simple cosmetic procedure that gives women the option to reshape their labia minora, also known as the inner vaginal lips. This allows patients to reverse the unwanted side effects of aging and childbirth, or correct labial issues that have affected them since puberty. The labia minora often grow larger during pregnancy due to changes in hormones, and the tissue typically will not shrink on its own after a baby is born. A carefully performed labiaplasty can reduce embarrassment, restore body confidence, relieve discomfort from chafing in snug clothing, and prevent the excess tissue from interfering with sexual contact.

There are three different types of labiaplasty procedures, depending on the portion of the labia treated. These include:

Most labiaplasty procedures consist of trimming excess tissue from the labia minora, which are the inner vaginal lips.
While a labiaplasty usually only addresses the labia minora, in some cases the outer lips of the labia, known as the labia majora, need treatment.
If a woman has excess tissue around her clitoral hood, her labiaplasty procedure can include the carefully trimming away of any excess tissue that hangs over the clitoris. The remaining overlying skin can be rearranged without risk of nerve injury or a reduction of stimulation and sexual satisfaction.

When Dr. Parvin Mani of San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic performs a labiaplasty, she removes excess tissue in a V-shaped configuration. The results look natural, especially along the edges. The color and overall shape are maintained as well with this type of labiaplasty. The doctor will work with you to determine exactly how much tissue to remove depending on the final look you want. No one will know you’ve had your vaginal area altered unless you choose to tell them. 

Some women opt for a combination of two of these procedures, or even all three.

Dr. Mani uses the trim technique, which is the most commonly used surgical method for performing labiaplasty. To begin the procedure, Dr. Mani makes several small incisions along the labia majora or labia minora. She then removes excess tissue and contours and reshapes the labia for a more pleasing appearance. Dr. Mani then closes the incisions with dissolvable sutures.

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Expert labiaplasty with Dr. Parvin Mani at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic

We understand that even a minor surgery involving your most intimate body part can seem intimidating. Rest assured that at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic, you’re in the hands of a highly skilled doctor who has performed thousands of successful labiaplasty surgeries. Dr. Mani understands the female body and has the skill, experience, and artistry to help you love yours. For more information on the labiaplasty procedure and whether it’s right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Mani today.

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