6 Things To Do Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatment

If you are tired of wasting time on waxing and squandering seconds shaving, then laser hair removal is perfect for you. This easy and efficient time-saving procedure is a great way to permanently get smooth and scintillating skin. However, to get the best results before you start laser hair removal there are a few important things you need to do. Here are the 6 things to do before your laser hair removal treatment.

1. Avoid Waxing or Plucking for Four to Six Weeks

In order for laser hair removal to be most effective, you should stop waxing or plucking your hair four to six weeks before your first laser hair removal treatment. When you pluck or wax your hair you remove the root of the hair, and since laser hair removal aims to target the roots of your hair you need to leave the root intact.

2. Shave One to Two Days Prior to Appointment

While waxing should be avoided, shaving is encouraged. It is suggested to shave 24 to 48 hours prior to your first laser hair treatment, as this will reduce the chances of a burn or some other complication.

3. Don’t Bleach Your Hair For Six Weeks

As we said above, laser hair removal targets the roots of your hair in order to successfully remove it. The laser targets the hair pigment found in the root, and if you bleach your hair it can make it more difficult to locate the roots of your hair. Make the process as easy as possible by letting pigment return to your hair by avoiding bleach for six weeks.

4. Keep out of the Sun For Two Weeks

Keep the area of your skin that is going to be treated by laser hair removal out of the sun for up to two weeks prior to your appointment. Any kind of sunburn can make laser hair removal much more painful and can lead to blistering. In fact, most laser hair removal experts will not even treat a patient with even a minor sunburn! If you do go outside, make sure to heavily apply sunscreen and other sun protection.

5. Wash Off Beauty Products Before Treatment

The day of your laser hair removal, make sure to remove any and all beauty products on your body. This can include makeup, deodorant, lotions, and anything else that is applied topically to your skin. The ingredients in these products can negatively impact your laser hair removal treatment and lead to complications so before your appointment use soap and water to wash off anything on your skin.

6. Tell Your Laser Hair Removal Expert About Your Medications

If you take any medications, make sure to inform your laser hair removal expert before undergoing treatment. Some medications can make laser hair removal less effective or can make the skin more sensitive and susceptible to burns and blisters. You won’t necessarily have to stop taking your medication, but your laser hair removal expert can adjust the treatment to match your needs.

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