5 Things To Know About Recovering From Vaginoplasty

Depending on the complexity of the procedure you are having done, vaginoplasty recovery times will vary from person to person. A full vaginoplasty San Diego not only changes the exterior look of the vaginal opening, it also requires changes to the muscle tissue beneath the surface.

By contrast, a labiaplasty only addresses the outer part of the vagina and typically requires less recovery time.

Whichever procedure you are having done, here are five things you need to know about recovery 

Take Adequate Time Off Work

With a simple labiaplasty surgery recovery, some women are able to start moving around as early as three or four days post-op. However, even those who are able to start moving around usually have limited mobility and cannot walk for long distances without irritating their sutures.

It is best to plan for at least one full week off of work for labiaplasty recovery post-op, and two to three weeks off work for a complete vaginoplasty recovery. 

Expect Some Constipation

Painkillers are notorious for causing constipation in patients, and the problem is worsened by the fact that you will be laying still for an extended period of time.

The best solution is to drink lots of water and try some laxatives if you must. Remember, additional pressure in the area caused by constipation can become painful if not addressed. 

Expect Muscle Spasms

If you’ve undergone a complete vaginoplasty with muscle reconstruction it will take your body some time to adjust to your new muscle tightness. Many women report feeling the muscles contract sporadically, and this may feel like it’s pulling on your tailbone or perineum. This is normal for the first week after your surgery, and should improve with time. 

Bring Ice Packs

You’ll want to have plenty of ice packs on hand to help minimize swelling in the area after your procedure. The more you control the swelling the easier it will be to get mobile after a few days. Even after you’ve started moving around, keep a few ice packs on hand in case the area gets irritated. 

Wait for Sexual Relations

Even if you’re feeling good and back to hitting the gym after four weeks, most doctors recommend waiting at least six weeks before any sexual activity. Sexual activity before six weeks could leave you open to infections or damage to the new tissue. Speak with your doctor to get more specific details about your personal situation post-surgery. 

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