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5 Common Beauty Myths—Debunked!

There was a time when your mother knew everything. Then you became a teenager and swore she knew nothing. But if you’re like most of us, even then you still hung on to some of what she told you about beauty.

We hate to break it to you, but some of what you learned from your mother may not have been true. Don’t blame her, though. She didn’t have access to the abundance of information we take for granted today.

Five Cosmetic Myths that Aren’t True

Still, it’s time to set the record straight. Take a look below at 5 common beauty myths—debunked.

Myth #1: Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker

The truth: No. It only appears this way. Shaving cuts your hair blunt. This causes it to look thicker for a bit. But if you let it continue to grow and compare it to its previous incarnation, you’ll see they match in thickness.

Beauty tip: If you’re worried about your hair regrowth from shaving, try laser hair removal! It permanently removes hair.

Myth #2: Makeup causes acne

The truth: Nope. Makeup does not cause acne. But whether you’re acne-prone or not, you want to make sure to wash your makeup off thoroughly every night. Sleeping in your makeup prevents the skin from breathing, inhibits the process of repair and regeneration, and holds in dirt, oil, and bacteria. So, no, it’s not the makeup that causes the acne, but if you’re not washing it off at night, it could exacerbate acne-prone skin.

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Beauty tip: Innovations in cosmetic technology have produced some wonderful and effective acne treatments such as Blu-U-Light and Photodynamic Therapy.

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Myth #3: “Age spots” are just part of getting older

The truth: Skin discoloration is not the result of age; it’s the result of sun exposure and can show up at any age. Sun protection is your best bet against sun damage and discoloration.

Beauty tip: Microdermabrasion works wonders on sun-damaged skin. The great news is that it does more than just evening out skin tone and correcting hyperpigmentation — it also unclogs pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and large pores, increases circulation, and reduces acne scars.

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Myth #4: Some skincare products work just like Botox® and dermal fillers

The truth: Wouldn’t that be nice! But no, Botox® and dermal fillers work immediately to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and add volume. There is no skincare product that will do that. We wish we could say otherwise.

Beauty tip: If you’re worried about fine lines, wrinkles, and other aging concerns, come see us and choose from a range of dermal fillers that will give you gorgeous anti-aging results.

Myth #5: Beauty is all about symmetry

The truth: Pardon our French, but BS! We’ve read all kinds of science jargon about beauty and symmetry, but we don’t buy it. In fact, take a look here [] at the asymmetrical faces of some of the most beautiful celebrities in the world.

Beauty tip: True beauty lies in your confidence and how comfortable you are in your own skin. Try on some self-love, and watch your true beauty shine through!

We specialize in confidence!

At San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we provide a wide range of beauty and skincare treatments to effectively address any number of concerns that might be in the way of your confidence. All procedures are done by Dr. Parvin Mani, a Platinum award-winning provider of Botox®, JUVÉDERM®, Restylane®, and Restylane Lyft®, and a Pinnacle award-winning provider of Thermage® skin tightening.

We can help you fight the aging process, eliminate varicose veins, treat your acne, tighten your skin, rejuvenate your vaginal muscles, and so much more!

For more information on our products or services, give us a call at San Diego Cosmetic Laser Clinic today!

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